Salishan Boarding Kennel

You can trust us with your pet!

Rates & Services include:

Salishan Boarding Kennel Rates & Fee Schedule
Dogs - $30.00 per day per dog - check outs before 12 noon are not charged for that day

If you are booking more than one family pet, and they can share a kennel space, the rate is $27.00 per day per dog.

Stays of more than 30 days are entitled to a 10% discount.​

*Payment to be made in the form of cash or check -- we do not accept credit or debit.

Our Menu

Salishan daily rates include provision of dry, high quality, veterinarian endorsed dog food. However, if you prefer that your pet stays on the same menu as when at home, you are welcome to bring your own. We have fridge and freezers to accommodate raw, home-cooked or specialty food diets, and are happy to work with you in that regard.

Snacks and treats are very personal choices for you and your pet. Everyone has preferences as to what they'd like their dog to have (or not), so we will leave the provision of treats up to you.

Happy Hours

Regular exercise in the large secure play area will be part of your pet's daily routine while staying with us.

How many dogs are turned out together will be dependent on each one's size, comfort zone, personality and energy level. Younger, more active and very social dogs will have plenty of stimulation and buddies to run with in order to burn off energy.

The quieter, more sedate "comfort hounds," the ones who prefer the security of their own beds and private runs to boisterous play, will not be forced into situations where they are unhappy. They will enjoy more private "out times" where they can sniff and explore in peace.
Health and Safety
All of our guests must be up to date on their routine vaccinations, and we may require documentation from your veterinarian in this regard. Positive titre levels are also acceptable. For their safety, your dogs must be protected.