Salishan Boarding Kennel

You can trust us with your pet!

The kennel buildings are environmentally controlled with geothermal heating and air conditioning. Each guest has a "private room" with its own attached, secure run for unlimited indoor/outdoor access. The runs are designed for efficient cleaning and sterilization; pine shavings on the floor absorb odors and maintain a fresh scent.

The kennel area is well lit and properly ventilated. Each guest suite has its own large rubber bed with plenty of fresh, clean bedding. 

Our Facility

We are located on 80 acres of farmland in South Langley/Aldergrove, BC Canada.

The kennels are situated far back from the road and nestled into a beautiful old growth rain forest. We live on site and spend our days caring for, playing with, exercising and enjoying our animals.

The property is gated, monitored, and we have a large, six-foot high, chain link fenced, off-leash area. There, with supervision, our canine guests can explore and entertain themselves. This park like area is close to heaven for most dogs. The footing is the natural forest floor, and they can explore among old trees and moss covered logs. Here, our guests can play in a forest like real dogs, while in a safe and secure place. They can dig, roll, romp, jump and climb to their hearts' content. They may get dirty, but they do have fun.​