Salishan Boarding Kennel

You can trust us with your pet!


Since 1993, we have bred, raised, trained, worked

and competed with an active small breed dog

(Jack Russell Terriers). Over the years, we have

also shared our home with Dobermans, German

Shepherds, Great Danes & mixed breeds.

Decades of hands on involvement have given

us extensive, professional knowledge in the

proper care and handling of canines.

Simply put - we understand dogs.
We also understand how important it is to have

confidence and peace of mind when you go away.

At Salishan, we make it our mission to keep your pet safe, clean and happy, while providing a pleasant, stimulating environment. You can rest assured that your dog is well cared for by people who know what they are doing. 

You can trust us with your pet

About Salishan Boarding Kennel​